Emails to Prime Minister re Covid and ME/FM


Emails to Prime Minister re Covid and ME/FM

Dear Friends

The National ME/FM Action Network has now sent three emails to the Prime Minister, with copies to the Minister of Health and the Minister for Disability Inclusion, concerning Covid-19.

The first email (May 20, included in Quest 123) points out three immediate issues for the ME/FM community – access to health services, income security and food security.

The second email (June 5) asks the government to spread the message to Covid patients, health care providers and the public that recovery from Covid can be slow and could possibly lead to long-term ME/FM.

The third email (June 10) is based on the government's June 5th announcement that the government is giving financial support to people who have qualified for the disability tax credit. We thank the government for recognizing the financial needs of persons with disabilities, but point out that the DTC provides a seriously incomplete list of people with disabilities.

You can read the government announcement here:

**Note:  Subsequently, this proposal was not approved by Parliament and has therefore not gone ahead.