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1. A registered Canadian all-volunteer charity established in 1993 with a world-wide outreach with a proven track record;

2. ACTION-oriented;

3. Spearheaded the Working Case Clinical Definitions, Diagnostic & treatment Protocols for ME/CFS and FM Consensus Documents, known world-wide as the Canadian Definitions;

4. Responsible for the publishing of the definitions which led to the establishment and publishing of the ME/CFS and FM Overviews;

5. An active website with a presence on Facebook and Twitter;

6. Hosts conferences and host of the 10th international IACFS/ME clinical and research conference for ME/CFS, FM and related illnesses in Ottawa on September 22nd to 25th, 2011;

7. Publishes a quarterly newsletter QUEST with updates on medical, research and legal matters as well as news items from the ME/CFS community nationally and internationally;

8. Sends out regular email announcements of interest to contacts on its roster; andkeeps in touch with and collaborates with support Networks in Canada, the U.S.and the rest of the world;

9. Developed resource items, such as a Canada Pension Plan Disability Guide,TEACH-ME Sourcebook for Teachers and Parents, Legal Disability Manual etc.

10. Intervenes in precedent-setting court cases; and supports scientific endeavours.

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