Network meets with Chair, HC


Network meets with Chair, Health Committee

In March, Member of Parliament Rob Oliphant wrote the Chair of the House of Commons Health Committee recommending that the committee look at issues around ME/CFS and FM. In May, the Network met with MP Don Davies, the vice-chair of the Health Committee. Last week, the Network met with the MP Bill Casey, the chair of the Health Committee. We outlined why ME/CFS and FM were important enough to put on the committee's agenda and what kinds of issues the committee might consider.

Mr Casey agreed to bring this topic to the committee's attention. Before that could happen, the House of Commons adjourned for the summer. We expect this issue to be raised with the committee in the fall.


Follow-up letter to MP Bill Casey

Attachments to the letter include:

  • -  the original letter from MP Rob Oliphant recommending ME/CFS and FM be considered by the committee

  • - suggestions of the types of recommendations the committee could make

  • - CIHR research funding for 2015-16 and 2016-17 (as of April 8, 2016)