There has been 2 important breakthroughs in the past week regarding ME/CFS

In the UK 

Major breakthrough on PACE trial In a major breakthrough for people with ME/CFS a tribunal has rejected a university's attempt to prevent release of data from the controversial PACE trial.  


In the US 

AHRQ Reassesses CBT and GET

In 2014, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) published evidence report #219, which reported favorable results for CBT and GET. However, this report included studies based on the Oxford definition. Recently, following successful advocacy efforts by Mary Dimmock and Jennie Spotilla, AHRQ issued an addendum downgrading its previous conclusions about the effectiveness of GET and CBT.  As they state:  There is no evidence that CBT and GET are effective treatments for us, and therefore, these treatments can no longer be recommended.

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