Webinar on Disability


Dr. Eleanor Stein hosted a webinar on June 16, 2017, with a focus on disability. She had the following guest speakers:

• Dale Beesley - Statutory Director of the AISH program (Alberta Provincial Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped).

• Kris Johnson – Director General of the CPP-D Directorate.

• James Ludwar – Ludwar Law in Calgary which takes injury and disability cases.

• Hugh Scher – Human rights and disability lawyer in Toronto, Counsel for the National ME/FM Action Network and ME Ontario. Hugh takes cases across Canada and has 25 years experience.

• John Wodak – the Network’s disability advisor and coauthor of the Network’s CPP-Disability Application and Appeals Guide.

Considering the importance of the topics, the National ME/FM Action Network agreed to cover the costs of the event in return for making it freely available.

Watch the videos HERE

Summaries of the videos are also available in pdf.

Dr. Stein’s_intro_summary.pdf